Date #28: Lots-o-laughs at Mad House Comedy Club


You parents know how it is. You work, take care of the kids, take care of the house, the pets and everything but yourselves. It’s tough to nurture a relationship in the midst of (sometimes) controlled chaos. My husband and I have two boys, age 5 and 2. They are a joy, but a lot of work, too. We only recently started making time for real dates after we found an amazing babysitter. Even then we tend to default to dinner and maybe a movie. Or worse, errands! But not on our most recent date. Thanks to the Details Matter App and my friend La Jolla Mom, we were able to go on a new date – one we didn’t know about! We went to Mad House Comedy Club in Horton Plaza. Now I say we didn’t know about it because we didn’t realize there’s a comedy club on the top floor of Horton!


The hubs and I actually love to laugh. We joke around and tease each other all the time. So a comedy club date was a really good fit for us. We took the opportunity to get away a little early, ride the motorcycle (which we rarely get to do together) and head downtown to wander around for a bit before the 8pm show started. We parked on Fifth and after having some fun exploring we walked over. (You don’t need to, though, because Mad House can validate your Horton parking for FOUR hours, which is more than the standard two most places at the mall can give.) The club is bigger than it seems from the outside. There’s a bar and a full kitchen, so you can have a drink and some eats while you’re there – they have a full dinner menu. Just be careful that you don’t choke on your food because you’re laughing so hard. So not kidding.


Our emcee for the night did a great job – he was super funny. Just be careful if you make eye contact, because you might get a few good-natured zingers flung your way. Also no pictures while the show is going on. After he warmed up the crowd, there were three comedians, each progressively funnier. At one point, I was laughing so hard I was crying as one comedian imagined Prince singing children’s songs. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hysterical. We had a fantastic time. And you know what? I think we’ll be back again. And we’ll be checking the Details Matter app (which I have downloaded to my iPhone) for other great suggestions on what we can do to have fun in San Diego and get out of our “dinner and a movie” rut. Thanks to Details Matter and the team at Mad House Comedy Club for taking good care of us and providing such a great evening out.

Becky Scott is a social media marketing consultant in San Diego. She goes by @lolagoetz on Twitter.

Date #27: Speed Dating with Miramar Speed Circuit



My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to experience life in the fast lane while at Miramar Speed Circuit because of the 30 dates in 30 days project by The Details Matter App & La Jolla Mom! We are used to racing around with our kids on a daily basis from one activity to another. So, it was nice to leave the kids at home and enjoy a different type of racing for a change. We were welcomed by the friendly staff upon arrival and were given a head sock to wear under the helmet and two tickets for the 1st race. After receiving some safety instructions, we geared up with racing helmets. After we were each assigned a race car, we were ready to start our engines. There were two other racers racing against us. We had 10 minutes to complete as many laps in race cars that exceeded 30 mph. There were twists and turns on the 1/4 mile indoor race track-one of the nicest tracks and facilities my boyfriend and I have ever seen.


Once the race was over, we received a print out on the results. It showed our best lap times, average lap times, and where we placed within the group. After a short break, my boyfriend and I were ready to go head to head for another race. This time it was just the two of us racing against each other. It was cool to compete against each other! Since we had some practice under our belts, we improved our times significantly-he won. If you don’t have time to eat before or after your race- no worries- in the lobby, there was a snack bar with any imaginable snack, candy, or drink. It is a nice place to go during the week when it isn’t too crowded. Overall, it was a blast and definitely a unique date night experience that is worth repeating!


Thanks to Miramar, Details Matter and La Jolla Mom- we have been inspired to get creative for all future date nights; no matter how busy life is.

Date #26: Farm to the Date Night Table


The few times my husband and I would go to the Farmers Market,  we would have the 4 kids in tow, and they would go straight for the funnel cake or waffles and I would just rush by the farmers not really being able to see what they have.  I’m more about getting in and getting out with the least amount of damage done by my kids.  Today my husband and I were able to experience the Farmers Market on a whole new level.  We went on a date.  Strange as it sounds, we both were unsure, but excited to see what this date provided by Details Matter and the PB Tuesday Farmers Market entailed.  Never did a date at the farmers market enter our mind as an option- but after scrolling through the details matter app we realized that this is what they are all about-creative, inventive date ideas, we knew we were in good hands!


We arrived at the Pacific Beach Farmers Market and were greeted by the lovely Robyn who sent us on a scavenger hunt.  She gave us a list and vouchers to buy things to make a “Lover’s Salad”.  It truly was a journey for the taste buds.  We went to each tent, taste some samples, and bought items from our list.  We ate the sweetest peaches we’ve ever tasted.  Watermelon gherkins?  What is that?  Habanero Pineapple BBQ Sauce?  Delicious.  We got to taste things we’ve never had before.  We actually got to stroll along and take our time.  We got to talk with other people and most importantly each other. Wow, I learned that my husband doesn’t like kale.  We were impressed at how knowledgeable, friendly, and outgoing everyone was.  Not only did we get to try some delicious produce, we learned a lot as well!  Did you know you could chop up beet leaves and put them in a salad??


After we got our ingredients, which took about an hour, Robyn led us to a decorated table reserved for my husband and I.  We were seated in front of the talented Brad Perry, who serenaded us with an acoustic set during our dinner.  He was amazing.  I even got to sing on the microphone for a quick minute!  We were able to choose what to eat from the many vendors there but we ordered from the Not So Fast Food Truck.  Amazing food!  We were pleasantly surprised as we were waited on by one of the guys that worked at one of the tents, Adam from Maciel Family Farms.  He was a delight to talk to.  We sipped from our fresh coconut and took everything in.  No rushing, no eyes darting to scan which kid is running off to where.  Just us.  We talked, laughed, it was fabulous.  Alas, the dinner did end too soon…back to reality.  But it was just what we needed to reconnect, relax, and just be in the moment.  We truly felt like we were the only ones there even though the market was full of people!


Thank you to all the wonderful people at the Pacific Beach Farmers Market: Robyn and her staff, Brad Perry, Adam, and also to Details Matter.  It was two hours well spent, you all truly made this a unique experience for us, and one of the best dates we’ve ever had.


Date #25: A perfect “segway” out of your date night rut!


My husband N.C. is my best friend. We have an amazing time whenever we spend time together, and it’s always filled with a lot of laughing, a lot of joking, and a lot of fun, no matter what we do. But with my busy job, his demanding art career, and, oh yeah, let’s not forget the almost four year old we are parents of, sometimes finding time to do NEW fun things together can be tough. It’s really easy to fall into a rut on the rare date night: dinner, drinks, a movie, which no matter how much we love food and drinks and films, can get rote after a while. And that’s if we’re lucky. We have, on occasion, been known to spend part of a date night running errands, or even, in desperate moments, doing the grocery shopping. And let’s be honest, that’s no way to treat a marriage.

So when we got the opportunity from Details Matter and La Jolla Mom to do something new and different, we jumped at the chance. There were a lot of great options, but we let the Details Matter folks surprise us knowing that whatever it was, we would have a good time doing something new and spending that time together. And boy, did we! We were sent to Resort Water Sports in Pacific Beach for a Segway ride, something that we have both always wanted to try, but probably NEVER would have gone out to do on our own. I was a little nervous, as I’m not necessarily the MOST graceful and am prone to falling when put on self-propelled wheels, but I figured it would at least be an adventure. When we arrived at Resort Water Sports, we met with Andy to sign paperwork, get our helmets & then the fun started–with a lesson!


We spent about 15 minutes learning the basics of the Segway: how to turn them on & off, how to get on & off, how to move forward & backwards, how to stop, how to turn. The Segways are surprisingly very easy to get used to, and super simple to manuever, so we felt pretty comfortable with them in short order, and then we were let loose in PB. We started off heading to the bay, where we were able to get used to riding on our own, but with a beautiful bay view. It was overcast but warm, with a nice breeze, the perfect day to spend meandering around the water. Within minutes, we felt totally at home on the Segways and before long we were riding along at a nice clip. We spent the next 30 minutes or so riding around, enjoying the view, ogling some real estate, laughing with each other, and generally having a good time. We did some figure 8′s in wide open areas, and N.C. spent a few minutes going in a complete circle just to be silly.


After a while, we decided to head over to the ocean to do our exploring with a view of the Pacific. It was much more crowded there than on the bay side, which added a slight degree of difficulty in navigating through crowds, but also created a lot of laughter for us as we got our fair share of double takes, funny looks, and even one comment from a little boy saying “OH MAN, COOL ROBOTS!” Before long it was time to head back to Resort Water Sports to return the Segways and bring our date to a close. We were a little sad to leave our new sets of wheels behind, but we had such a great, fun, silly, laughter filled time that we knew we had gotten the best out of our time. A big giant thanks to Resort Water Sports, La Jolla Mom, & Details Matter for giving us something new and fun to do, and helping us out of the date night rut!


Date #24: Pizza & Wine at the Urban Winery that is Carruth Cellars


One of the things we often find ourselves doing is putting our kids’ needs before our own. I am not AT ALL saying that you shouldn’t tend to your children’s needs, but we need to remember where this all began! Two people fell in love!  At least, that’s how it happened for my family. (Note: or a parent made the choice to nurture a child.) We won’t discriminate; we are all just parents trying to do things necessary to raise wonderful little people!  So, back to my point.  The grown-ups in this equation (however it came to be), were people before they were parents. We need to remember that it is OK to give ourselves a break once in a while!  We all perform better at whatever we do, if we are allowed a chance to recharge. This is  our attempt at nurturing the relationship that started it all.  30 Dates in 30 Days allowed us to remember that we weren’t putting enough effort into making time for date night!  We are completely guilty of falling into the dating slump of just going to dinner, when we actually made time to have date night at all!


For our date, we chose to go to Carruth Cellars for their movie night.   During the summer, they host their movie nights outside.  It was a beautiful night in Solana Beach as everyone set up their folding chairs in front of the wall where the movie would be projected.   We stopped by the tasting room and picked up a bottle of their Red Tide table wine, then headed over to the Red Oven Pizza table where they were making delicious pizza and other great snacks; the bacon wrapped jalepenos were super hot, but SO good!  We all kept eating them despite the heat! Things start at 6:00 pm, but the movie doesn’t get underway until around 7:30, so that gave us plenty of time to grab our wine, eat some pizza and visit before the movie.  Little Shop of Horrors was playing during our movie night, while we were skeptical of that selection prior to that night, it turned out to be a blast!  For every bottle of wine you purchase that night you receive a raffle ticket.  During intermission, they raffle off concert tickets to Belly Up - AND WE WON!! The crowd was fun, the winery staff was great and we really learned that there are different ways to take “dinner and a movie” to a new level!


We had so much fun, and plan to go again! Speaking of a new level-I recently posted an announcement about The Details Matter App on our virtual neighborhood community board (627+members) and I now have other parents and even our kids school Principal asking me about the App. I’m always pulling my phone out and showing people all the cool date ideas! This is an App that everyone should have :-)


Date #23: Where You Want To Be Tours- yes, you want to be there!


What an awesome day date!  And La Jolla Mom and Details Matter App made it happen!  Our sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts! On December 3, it will be 18 years of dating, eight of which are married.  I decided to surprise my husband with this couples’ adventure so I arranged for the parentals to watch our three bambinos (7, 6, & 2 yo) for the day.

Upon arriving at our meet up location at Petco Park , my husband, Ashley, clued me in on his inkling that we  were indeed partaking on an “Amazing Race”.  As an avid fan of AR, my Be (husband) proposed to me in magnificent AR fashion so this scavenger hunt could not have been more suitable.

Where You Want To Be Tours are true scavenger hunt professionals!  Be and I have lived in San Diego for over 20 years and we felt like tourists on the walking adventure Darlynne and Scott created for us and 11 other couples.
We were split into three teams with Darlynne as our leader.  As soon as it was go time, we hauled into competitive mode, but at the same time we soaked into the time we were spending with one another.  We completed all the required tasks and bonus undertakings along the way.  All without the use of our smartphones!   In this day and age, we have grown so accustomed to technology and our smartphones.  This urban challenge allowed us to let go and really take in not only the city, but each other.  Because this was tailored to couples, we were able to reflect, reminisce, and remain in the moment.   I loved discovering new scenic points and learning more about America’s Finest City, most growing even closer to each other.
It does help that our team came out as the big winners in more ways than one!!  This is definitely something we will do again.
It sure beats the typical dinner and a movie! Thanks for the date idea inspiration Details Matter!

Date #22: A tropical paradise date at the Catamaran Resort & Spa…oh la la


A typical date night for my hubby (Mark) and I (Bri) is going out to dinner and sometimes stopping by our local bar for a last drink. While I do absolutely LOVE trying new restaurants… I also like to try new adventures. So, I was thrilled to hear about the Details Matter App  and La Jolla Mom’s project– It’s an app that gives fun and different date ideas right on your phone. When we were chosen by  and Details Matter to join in on the 30 Dates in 30 Days project, we couldn’t be happier. We were given a month full of dates to choose from and there were so many fun options. Our August was already pretty packed with summer fun so we told them the 3 dates that would work best for our schedule. One of the dates said “Catamaran TBD”. This was pretty intriguing because I have recently been there and it is such a gorgeous place.  We were selected for the Catamaran date before we even knew what it would entail.

A few days later, I received a call from Details Matter. They told me that we would be getting a couples massage, passes to the Luau and a ride on the Bahia Belle boat. My jaw pretty much hit the floor. We started our most amazing date at the Catamaran Resort and Spa. Our couples massages started at 4pm but they aloud us to also use their facilities for the day. We got there a little early and checked our bags into their lockers.  The locker attendants showed us both around the spa area. There is a men’s side and a women’s side which both connect into the relaxation room. I have received massages before and been to many day spas and this relaxation room was the best I have seen. They had tasty cucumber water and an assortment of teas available. There was even a fruit basket! It was so peaceful and the wooden chairs were amazing! I want one in my house! After resting for a bit in the relaxation room we met our massage therapists: Kai and Tuc. We thoroughly enjoyed everything about the spa and our massages. Mark was blown away by his massage. It was the best massage I have ever received too. I highly recommend a couples massage at the Catamaran Resort and Spa. We really enjoyed our time at the spa. After our massages we put on our bathing suits and went in the “spa guests only” hot tub. The hot tub has an awesome view of the bay.

We had such an awesome time and really enjoyed getting to relax in such a beautiful place (sans kiddo).

Next stop: Luau!

I had no idea we even had luaus in San Diego. Mark and I have been to a couple of Luaus in Maui so we were excited to attend one in our hometown.  We received a Hawaiian lei upon entrance to the Luau followed by a complementary Mai Tai, yum! As we sipped on our Mai Tai’s we watched the band play traditional Hawaiian music. We walked around a little bit too so we could get a nice view of the water. We ate a traditional Hawaiian style buffet including the roasted pig.  The dancers were amazing and watching the show was a really fun thing to do for a date. After the luau, we picked up our bags from the spa lockers. Then we watched the fire works as we boarded the Bahia Belle.  The boat ride goes from The Catamaran to the Bahia Belle Resort in Mission Bay and back. It was a really nice ride and a perfect end to our date. We grabbed a couple cocktails and watched the moon rise. It was truly an amazing experience and the best date night my hubby and I have enjoyed.


Thank you so much to La Jolla Mom, Details Matter and The Catamaran Resort and Spa.

Date #21: What a purrrrfect way to spend some time with your +1


Thank you for our wonderful date! It was simply amazing.  A little about my husband George and I before I break into how awesome our date was. George my husband and partner of 11 years was previously married. We are a bended family. My son was 5 and daughter was 9 when we first met. He is a local business owner of a small business in Lakeside CA, which has been family owned and operated for 44 years. I instantly had a family and business to take care of. Fast forward a few years and I was blessed with our third child whom is 7 now. Then in 2010 I started my own business, a insurance brokerage. So as you can see I have a second grader, a junior who just started driving and a recent graduate getting ready to head to college next month. I wear many of hats one would say. A typical date night for us is dinner alone or the movies. A occasional dream date of being home alone vegetating on the couch with no children and phones turned off.  So managing a date in the middle of summer with three children and two businesses was merely shy of a miracle. I learned of the the 30 dates in 30 days project one Sunday while watching CW ch 6 Mark Wills from Details Matter and Katie “La Jolla Mom” were on talking about why it’s so important for parents and couples to get out there and do something different on date night. The mentioned they had a couple opening so I jumped at the opportunity! We picked Lions, Tigers & Bears A Big Cat & Exotic Animal Rescue- too cool.

lions3_final lions4_final

Lions, Tigers, and Bears are located right off the 8 Freeway about 7 miles east of Alpine. It is on a dirt road, so I suggest taking a vehicle that can easily get threw the terrain. This place is not like a zoo or a animal safari. This is a sanctuary for large animals. It is secluded and by appointment only.  You actually have to go threw 3 security gates to get in. Once we were in, we watched a short video about the history of the ranch and purpose. Then George and I were personally escorted to each large animal area with raw chicken. We hand feed each one of God’s beautiful creatures!  This was scary at times, yet rejuvenating. The peaceful tranquility of nature brought us back to what is important. Peace, Calmness, Passion, and the ability to recognize how important it is for us two to get out and do something that takes our minds completely off of everything. Going to the sanctuary was like going on a mini vacation, your phone does not work and you are so occupied by your surrounding that you forget all your worries. With no one swirling around you and no hustle and bustle of the city it was purrfect! George and I will definitely be checking our Details Matter App to find fabulous date ideas! Or even just escape to the exquisite 2 bedroom 1 bath oasis at Lions, Tigers and Bears, a fabulous secret get a way.

BTW, we did download the Details Matter App :-)


Date #20: A hike with a very sweet reward at the end!


One day while scrolling through my News Feed, I read a post from La Jolla Mom announcing their partner- ship with the Details Matter app to give 30 sets of parents a chance to go on a unique date. My husband Matt had been away six of the past nine months attending army training and was due home the first week of August. I jumped at the chance to participate. We have two boys, ages three and six, so we don’t often get a chance to go out. When we found out we would be hiking to the top of Cowles Mountain and enjoying a vintage picnic, we were thrilled.

When we arrived at Cowles Mountain at 5:00 p.m. the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze as we started our hike. We didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the beautiful views the entire way up the trail. Every direction we looked offered a beautiful view of all parts of San Diego. We’re originally from Pennsylvania and have only lived out here for a year. Getting a chance to see our new city like this, especially together, was not lost on us. When we got to the top we were greeted by a 360 degree view of San Diego, which is unlike anything we have ever seen on the west coast. I grew up hiking the Appalachian Trail, and this hike and the scenery made me feel nostalgic.

pop2 pop1

After finishing our hike we headed over to Lake Murray to meet Jamiee from Pop-up Picnic. Jamiee was a huge part in organizing this date for us and was very sweet the entire time. When we arrived at the vintage picnic Jamiee greeted us with a smile and showed us to our candle-lit table complete with artisan meats and cheeses, assorted seasonal fruit, and a fresh french baguette.


We drank plenty of water, shared a bottle of champagne and finished with a red velvet cupcake and chocolate covered coconut. We laughed the entire time and spent a while reminiscing about our last eight years together. We finished our evening with a walk around the lake as the sun set.


I sincerely want to thank everybody at Details Matter, La Jolla Mom, and Pop-up Picnics. We truly appreciate the time together doing something out of the ordinary. We will be making more time for this in the future, and turning to the Details Matter App for the inspiration!

Date #19: The date they won’t forget with Zolna Yacht Charters


Oh. My. Goodness. We witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets the other night. For us, it was the last day of summer. Our kids started school the next day and I felt a little guilty that we wouldn’t be the ones tucking them in before their big first day of school. However, upon stepping onto the Ohana Pacific, all those feelings were washed away. Amos and Shari of Zolna Yacht Charters welcomed us with big smiles and hearty handshakes, making us feel right at home. Something else that makes you feel right at home is taking your shoes off, which is a requirement on the Zolna Yacht Charters fleet. I was laughing because I missed this part in the email that confirmed out exciting date night set up by Details Matter App and had no socks, and hadn’t had a pedicure recently. Cory and I have a mini love affair with boating. We’ve been out on our friend’s boat, we’ve done several dinner cruises, we’ve been on the Stars and Stripes (an America’s Cup winner), kayaked in the La Jolla Cove, it was an absolute must for us to do a few boating excursions when we vacationed in Hawaii and Carmen de Playa and Jamaica. Now that we have 3 kids, vacations like that had been a distant memory.  I am a firm believer that sunsets were meant to be seen over the water. We have now witnessed two breath taking sunsets, one back in 2000 while snorkeling in Hawaii and this one that Amos and Shari escorted us to right at the tip of Point Loma. Our tour of the bay leading out to the perfect sunset spot took us past the Oceanview Room on the Naval Sub Base where we had our wedding reception. This combined with the continuous champagne pouring that Shari was on top of, was setting the stage for the perfect romantic scene we were about to witness.


As we embarked on our journey, Shari mentioned that it should be a great sunset. Most of us think of the perfect scene for a perfect sunset as when there are no clouds… however my view has now changed since seeing this most beautiful image. Shari said these sunsets with the gorgeous clouds are often seen in the winter, which is great because this is when my birthday is! Guess what I’m thinking about doing for my birthday now? Heading out towards Point Loma, Shari pointed out the dolphins that the Navy trains, the seals that reminded us of our kids barking at one another, the marine aircraft flying overhead. She did this not in tour guide style, as not to impede on our romantic views, just as she would be bringing back more champagne and it would be in great conversation style like she hasn’t shared this piece of knowledge with dozens of people before. Her joy in sharing not only the scenic views, but in imparting knowledge/history to her guests is a great display of her passion for creating memorable experiences for her guests. Shari served as our cruise director, hostess, photographer and because we are social, we wound up talking to Shari and Amos quite a bit. In the end we were up top looking at the moon beside the captain. It was a beautiful moon – I mean I feel like we hit the jackpot getting BOTH a gorgeous sunset and a bright dazzling moon.


As we enjoyed the last of our fruit and cheese platter spread I happened to catch on the radio that August is National Romance Awareness month. Perhaps this is more for parents than for anyone else after being busy all summer carting kids around to fun activities, couples that are parents need to check out all the romantic ideas awaiting them on the Details Matter App. Before embarking on our sunset cruise I had looked over the Zolna Yacht Charters on the Details Matter App and found it had a great overview of what they offer. What impressed me most was that to Shari and Amos the “details” actually “matter”. They want this to be unlike any experience you’ve ever had! They really did cater to us and allow our stresses to wash away, providing a mini vacation. We dream of owning a boat some day, but until then we’ll be keeping Amos and Shari’s number close at hand so we can enjoy those beautiful Pacific sunsets.